Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

Risk Management  is:

  • a discipline for dealing with uncertainty;
  • a system for making choices;
  • a way to better understand potential liability;
  • a guide for responding to undesirable events.

What is a Club Risk Manager?

A Club Risk Manager is a mandatory Club executive position. It can be a stand-alone position or added to the duties of a current Club executive position. You Club Risk Manager must:
  • have good verbal and written communication skills;
  • understand the importance of Risk Management within the Association and your Club;
  • be willing to learn about Risk Management and strategies to assist your Club in their planning and Club management; and
  • have good organizational skills and abilities to anticipate potential problems arising from project and other Club ventures.

Club Guides and Templates to Use

Club Incorporation Requirements For Fall 2012

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Guide to Completing T2 Short Return for 2012

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How to Fill Out Club Ins Form 2012

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Incident Report Form

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Information About Filing Insurance Through The Web Site

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Risk Management Plan Template

Download >>Risk management plan template

Safeguarding Your Club

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Step by Step Risk Management Guide

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